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Kennel History

Marcela, mi señora, recibiendo nuestro pequeño gran regalo, Bella, inciándose así la crianza de esta hermosa raza.My wife Marcela and I always loved dogs, for that reason on 1966 we decided to breed them. We started with a couple of German Shepherds and other one of Dobermans that we acquired as guardians. As time passed by, due to the enthusiasm of the other members of our family we included other breeds as Siberian Husky, Basset Hound, Collie, Saint Bernard, etc.

In the last ten years some of our daughters and their families created their own  kennels

On Christmas 1998 our daughters gave us a beautiful black and white Newfoundland called Bella, from the US Kaylar Kennel, it immediately capture our hearts because of its beauty, good nature and docility. These characteristics made us dedicate with priority to this beautiful breed.

However, only in 2004 we presented Bella in shows, and it won the Gr. Chi. Ch. and Lat. Ch. titles and won the 2004 Breed Ranking. Later, her daughter Reiza won the 2005 and 2006 Breed Ranking.

Guillermo Ferrer


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