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Newfoundland Ranking Winner, years 2007, 2008 and 2009


bronco male newfoundland


Rain Coast Potion-Magic-Foranchopoint

Breeder Luis Amador Fernandez G.
Kennel Rain Coast
Birth date 20-06-2005
Owner Guillermo Ferrer

Bronco`s Gallery

Bronco 2 months old (Spain) (en España) Bronco's father LopAtwater Crazy-Diamong Borgoleonardo World V. (01), Europe V. (02), Ch (E.01, Intl, P, USA, Gbz.I) Bronco's mother First show, year 2005 #617, reserve special puppy category, with Judge Bivin (USA). Show # 636, August 2006, obtained show reserve, young category, with Judge Eduardo Montoya (Chile).

Show # 663, October 2007, 3rd. Best Adult in Show, with Judge Silvana Botinni (Brazil). Show # 681, July 2008, 5th. Best Adult in Show, with Judge Luis Arozamena (Mexico). Show # 685, September 2008, Show Reserve, with Judge Roberto Velez (Puerto Rico). Show # 686, September 2008, 1st. Best in Show, with Judge Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico). Show # 687, September 2008, 3rd. Best in Show, with Judge Keke Kahan (USA).

Show # 688, September 2008, 4th. Best in Show, with Judge Ralph Scoggins (USA). Show # 690, October 2008, 1st. Best in Show, with Judge Marcos Adler. Show # 692, November 2008, 3rd. Best in Show, with Judge Franco Chapas (Mexico). Show # 693, November 2008, 5th. Best in Show, with Judge Teresa Serantes (Argentina). The best couple SICALAM 2009, Bronco and his daughter Hari.

fourth place of all races 2008 seventh place of all races 2009


Parents Grandparents Third Generation

LopAtwater Crazy-Diamond Borgoleonardo V.Mundial (01), V.Europa (02), Ch (E.01, Int, P, Usa, Gbz.I)

LoiMain Tickle Darknight Ch.In.Usa.Cdn

LoiDaddy Manlio For Pow Wow Ch.In
LoiPow Wow’s First Date Of SkymeisterCh. In. Usa.
LopHightider Di Borgoleonardo LoiTala Bear’s Real Danger
LoiAmalfi Vom Riesrand
LoeRain Coast Just-Something-Special-For-Anchor-Point LoshTwillin Gate Yourdream Ch. In 04 LoshTwillin Gate Pharlap
LoiCayuga Wanted By Twillin GateCh. In.99
LoeRain Coast The Most Wonderfull Girl Ch (E.01) LoiCayuga Voyager Of BonavistaCh (E.97, P.98, In.00)
Loi Cayuga Conver Girl Of BonavistaCh (E.98, P.98, In.01, Usa.99)
Español (spanish formal Internacional)English (United Kingdom)

Bronco year 2008

1st. of Breed
2st. of Group
4st. of all Breeds

Bronco year 2009

1st. of Breed
1st. of Group
7st. of all Breeds

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