Gr.CH.CHI.CH.CHI.Arg.Lat.Int.(ph) Kooper at Rain Cast for Shadow"s Eternity.
Breed Winner 2010 and 2011

Romina hembra terranova


Kooper at Rain Coast for Shadows Eternit
Breeder Strincher Manuela Helmut
Kennel Shadow´s Eternity
Birth date
Owner Luis A .Fernandez and Noelia Garcia

Kooper´s Gallery

Kooper at Spain´s airport March 12, 2010 Kooper at his arrival to Chile March 13, 2010 4th of group. Exp.727 judge F.Arneilla (Pto. Rico) April,2010 2nd of group  Exp.729 judge Robin Stansell (U.S.A.) May,2010 Exhibition 734 Exp 739 BIS Judge Ichiro Ishikawa (Japan) September 2010 Exp.740 BIS Judge Javier Sanchez (Spain) September 2010 Exp.741 the 4th BIS Judge Fernando Marichal (Honduras) September 2010 Exp 742 2nd group Judge Virginia Lyne (Canada) September 2010 Winner circuit cup  of the Andes and the Best of the Best Cup September,2010 Kooper :: 2010 Exhibition 749 A reserve Judge Pascual Asensi (Spain) November,2010 Exp. 752  second Group  Maury Judge Vivian (Venezuela)  November 2010 Exp. 753 quart  Group Judge Carmen Battaglia (USA) November 2010 Kooper was awarded with the sixth place in all races in the 2010 ranking


Parents Grandparents Third Generation
Ch Ch.
Waterbear Only for Fairweather
WS 111471/02 S HDB
Herz o.B.
Am Ch.
Pouch Cove´s Dark Horse
WR 143805 10/02 S HDB

Am Ch.
Pouch Cove´s Candidate
AKC WP77441104 S

Can Ch.
Pouch Cove´s Northen Spint
CKC 1065048 S HDA

Pouch Cove`s Kiss Me Kate
WR 540005/04

Am Ch.
Pouch Cove´s Golliat
AKC WP78509204 S HDA
Am Ch.
Numa´s Party Line At Pouch Cove

Bona Dea for Shadow´s Eternity
N1587 S

Cannon Bear's Questor
N 1287 S HDB

Am/DK Ch.
Pouch Cove´s Goodfellow
AKC WP64271205 S HDB
DK/N/S/Nord Ch.
Cannon Bear´s O¨Hara
DKK 03171/96 S HDC
September Song Des Berges Du Vieux Rhin
N 1570 S HDA
D/int Ch.
Falnweather´s Ad Fanding Ligths
NZB 42069-1
Chatkantarra Giagina
NZB 41286-1 S HDA
Español (spanish formal Internacional)English (United Kingdom)

Kooper year 2010

1st. of Breed
1st. of Group
6st. of all Breeds

Kooper year 2011

1st. of Breed
1st. of Group
7st. of all Breeds

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